Sustainability Practices

With any business we need to look at our sustainability practices along with recycling and constantly looking at new ways to reduce our impact on the environment to provide a cleaner future.

I have practices in place, but I am always looking at new ways to constantly improve these with the main focus of the Environment in the my forefront of my mind.

Current Practises

* Recycle old silicone moulds back into new moulds to reduce waste

* Pouring techniques are done in large volumes to reduce the amount of mixing tubs and sticks used

* Endeavour to use every single drop of mixed resin to make functional pieces

* Gift Bags are 100% reusable and recyclable. These paper bags can even be made biodegradable to pose a lower risk to wildlife and the environment

* Tissue Paper used for wrapping my creations is 100% recyclable

* I re-purpose timber and other products into new creations to prevent waste were possible.

* Source sustainability timber boards from suppliers

* Recycle and reuse all my packaging from deliveries for orders that I post to clients. (They might not look pretty but they are recycled!)

* Reduce excessive packaging on products