Rebel Art Creations actively supports and donates to causes that resonates with Judith at a personal level.

Giving back to the community is one way to show support for these organisation and create awareness for their causes.

Here are few that I have supported over the years and continue to do so in the hope to make a small difference to our world.

  • Animals in Need Brisbane
  • National Heart Foundation - Australia
  • Cancer Council QLD
  • Caring for Carers Australia
  • Wires Wildlife Rescue
  • SEQ K9 Rescue
  • Black Butterfly Group
  • National Breast Cancer Foundation 

Personal Note

Rebel Art Creations has donated over $450.00 to the

Heart Foundation - Australia to date. With a focus on raising much needed funds for resources and development into the BIGGEST killer - Heart Disease.

In 2018 at only 42 I was diagnosed with Cardiomyopathy - HEART FAILURE !

It was a MASSIVE shock to hear those words spoken from my cardiologist.

It has taken me a long time to come to grips with it. Sometimes it still creeps into my fears…..

In 2022,  my heart got worse.
I was extremely tired and not well at all - it became very serious!
So, I had to have a defibrillator CRT-D implanted which is now working well and my heart function is much better!

As I am never one to sit back and feel sorry for myself or use my heart condition as an excuse - I just kept on going in this crazy world and continue to work towards a brighter future.

During this time I never stopped creating and I love the therapeutic aspect of my work and I relish in making and creating treasures for you.