Wanting to learn Resin?

I keep getting asked if I do workshops to teach people how to work with resin.

Unfortunately, I currently don't have the right space to carry out workshops at the moment.

But if you are looking for somewhere to create - please do your research.

Even if it is just for fun, you need to ensure the facilitator is following the below as a standard - which is what I would recommend.

* PPE for each individual - e.g ventilated face masks, gloves, aprons, safety glasses and barrier cream ( in case).

* Experienced facilitator - check their work to see if is something that you love as you would want to learn their techniques.

* The facilitator has insurance cover for workshops and YOUR safety.

* You are paying a reasonable fair price to learn from an expert.

* The workshop area is safe and well ventilated.

* They have COVID-19 health plan in place.

* Resin workshops I wouldn't recommend for children under 16 years old.

* Not suitable for pregnant women or if you have a serious health issue.

* The resin being used in the workshop has low VOC's and isn't from Bunnings!

Just a reminder - you are working with a chemical, there can be reactions to the resin, to your skin, eyes and mouth so you want to be cautious.

But you can have loads of fun creating with resin, but ensure your safety comes first.


Judith x



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