Having always turned to a variety of mediums to work with throughout the years since I was young. I unfortunately get bored doing the same thing over and over so I am always looking for new 'things' to try.

That is why you will find a huge variety in my creations. This is a personal trait of mine as I need to always be trying new 'things' and experiences.

I think I get it from my parents who always encouraged me to travel and try new experiences, especially my father -  even though he was always content with his life. But in his early years he traveled the world with only a paper bag, toothbrush and razor. He arrived at countries and then headed out to get custom made clothing and then set about traveling across the world on adventures.

So, the curiosity keeps growing in me and I am always looking for new ways to continue to be creative and challenge myself.

I know this can seem confusing in business as some may think you need to stick to one medium and only create and sell the one thing/type. But I am always looking to expand and evolve as the market changes. This is a healthy approach to business in a world that is forever changing - rapidly.

When you own your business the awesome thing - is YOU make the decisions on what YOU want to DO - no one else.

This is why my company’s name is Rebel Art Creations - there is no defined medium and the word - creations - encompasses everything. 

I find having this open approach is the most important thing in business, with constantly reviewing your business from different lenses, evolving and looking at trends and what the market wants.

So, keep your eyes peeled for new creations that will appear as I continue to keep searching for new ways to be creative.

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