COVID - 19

With a the COVID - 19 pandemic in play, this has effected the world on mass scale - that we just weren't prepared for.

The health and economic impact this has had on all of us - is beyond belief.

But I know this has also brought community together in ways that I haven't seen since the 80's and 90's  - which is heart warming and a joy to see.

So, how has this impacted my small business?  Unfortunately, I was unable to attend markets as my items are non-essential. So I had to get creative on ways to reach my client base.

I was lucky to have the support of the market organisers, introducing virtual markets, links to online shopping on their platforms and promoting my brand. Along with supporting other small businesses across social media, who are also facing uncertain times ahead.

But I truly believe TOGETHER we can get get through this, and hopefully will come out stronger on the other side.

I can't wait to see you all soon :)


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