Business name - How did I come up with it?

When I started to look at options of what to call my new business, I didn't want to pigeonhole my business to one medium or art form. This was always due to being creative across a lot mediums and creative spaces - so I wanted my business name to offer this expansion, which ever direction that I decided to take my business.

So, I started out with a few words that would reflect who I was and what I wanted to achieve - without any limitations!

Rebel had always been a name that resonated with me, starting from my youth with being one who always stepped outside the box and challenged life, in all aspects.  But this also stemmed from a Reggae song by Jimmy Cliff - Rebel in Me - that my dearest friend and I would always sing, which then became a bit of a mantra throughout life in which we still sing to this day :)

So, this was my starting point - then I worked on having the word creative being a part of my new business name - then I threw around a few other configurations, but they seemed to be either taken or the words just didn't seem to gel that well together. 

But I eventually came up with Rebel Art Creations

I reached out to my friends, family and colleagues to provide feedback on my newly created Name and Logo - nothing like a bit of market research. Then after the feedback I finalised the logo and business name and I was confident with what I had created. Then I jumped onto registering it straightaway so no one else would "steal" if from me - then it became official.

Now when I look at my logo and business name,  I have a sense of pride that this is ME and all of me and I often get a little kick out of seeing it up representing ME on my official creative journey.




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