Believing in Self

As a creative person, you sometimes have a little self doubt about what you love doing and you are your worst critic.

At times I question why am doing this, it take so much of time, it is hard to recover your time and charge for it. You get some knock downs and it leaves you a little deflated.

But I am lucky - I have always been a naturally positive person and I always try and push through my challenges that I am faced with.

Lately though, with working full time, creating most nights and doing a weekly market - I am burning the candle at both ends.

But I keep looking into the future and know that this is what brings me so much joy and happiness knowing I can share my creations with others to cherish.

With exciting opportunities that have come way with attending the Moreton Bay Food and Wine Festival as the only Resin Artist, with having my creations available for purchase in local cafes and shops and signing up with new markets organisations. These wins, boost my belief in myself to keep creating beautiful items.

Cause there is a fair amount of people that aren’t in your corner cheering you on and are just waiting for you to fail or don’t support you until you become ‘successful’.

But I am super grateful for all the support and assistance from my friends and family that have been supportive through this journey with me, from spreading the word about my creations with their networks, coming along to a visit me at the markets and events, purchasing my creations and offering assistance wherever possible.

Whilst I am not yet to pull the security blanket out from under my feet and give away my ‘day job’ I will continue to forge on creating and walking around in a state of continuous tiredness!

BUT - I am just grateful to you all so THANK YOU xo


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